Contact Information

Formal NameInterfaith Community Outreach, Inc.
Mailing AddressPO Box 1663
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Physical Address115 Mustian Street
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Currituck OfficeMt. Zion United Methodist Church
6480 Caratoke Highway
Grandy, NC 27939
Phone Number252-480-0070 (Dare)
Fax Number252-261-6342 (Dare)
Phone Number252-453-3358 (Currituck)
Fax Number252-453-3359 (Currituck)
Anniversary DateJanuary 1, 2004
Tax Exempt DateFebruary 24, 2005

Organizational Information

The ICO is a 501(c) (3) non-profit whose mission is to “provide assistance to individuals facing a temporary emergency crisis”.

Referral of families to other private and public agencies within the community, i.e., DSS, Food Bank, Community Care Clinic, Relief Foundation, Hot Line, CDC, Red Cross, Counseling Services, etc.

ICO Type organization: considered Community outreach, Direct services, Human services, and Home Repairs and Improvements.

Codified processes and procedures.

Mission Statement

Adopted March 24, 2010

“Interfaith Community Outreach provides assistance to individuals facing a temporary emergency crisis.”


July 29, 2003 –  On this date, five parishioners of a local Church met to discuss and define incremental steps necessary to establish a unified way to equitably distribute aid to those in our community seeking emergency assistance.

September 2003 local Pastors who were members of the North Beach Ministerial Association agreed to support the vision. The ICO promised to:

  • Maintain the dignity of the person making requests.
  • Have a central historical database to assure accountability for funds being disbursed and therefore eliminate the possibility of fraud or abuse.
  • Track the needs of our community and be sure that services, funds, energy and efforts are not duplicated.
  • Help those in need, such as the working poor, the undocumented, the elderly, the physically challenged, the single parent and those who otherwise do not qualify for governmental assistance.

Commitments were made, volunteers were recruited and trained by Dare County Department of Social Services and the doors to the ICO were opened January 1, 2004.

Since ICO’s founding in 2003, Interfaith Community Outreach has helped over 19,000 individuals in Dare and Currituck who were facing a temporary emergency crisis. These are friends, neighbors, co-workers and even family members that are struggling, many of them in silence. They are struggling to pay rent in order to keep a roof over their heads and they are living in the dark because they couldn’t afford to pay their electricity bill last month. These are just a few examples of what Interfaith Community Outreach addresses each day with people who turn to us when they can no longer carry the burden on their own. Our Staff, Board, and Volunteers work incredibly hard each and every year to raise the funds needed to support our mission of helping people facing a temporary emergency crisis.

Board Information

We have a 15 Member Board of Directors.
We have 2 Alternate non-voting board members.

Board of Directors (Executive Committee)

Leigh Bracy, Chair
Linda Palombo, Vice Chair
Joan Fordham, Secretary
Kimberly Moore, Treasurer
Dale Draper, Vice Treasurer

Board of Directors

Ron Baxter
Jamie Costa
Courtney Gallop
Shelby Hines
Betse Kelly
Toni Midgette
Jody Midgett
Marie Neilson
Mike Pringle
Mary Reisert
Matthew Spencer
Brian Strickland
Karen Warlitner

Executive Director

Jenniffer Albanese

Administrative Assistant / Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Jacobs

Cancer Outreach

Jean Freeman

The Board Members provide direction for the ICO and serve on various committees:

  • Nominating Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Resource Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Evaluation and Statistics Committee
  • Home Rehabilitation Committee
  • Disaster Recovery Committee

Funding Information

Our support comes from 48 Dare and Currituck faith communities, local, corporate, and government grants, municipal partnerships, fund raising events, civic groups and individuals.

Volunteers Types and Responsibilities

INTAKE VOLUNTEERS interview and assist clients with emergency gap services.  Volunteers process applications and determine the appropriate action to take to remedy the situation at hand. These volunteers freely give of their time to listen to and to assist those in our community. They use their insight, talents and knowledge to provide the best solution for the need at hand.

HOME REHABILITATION VOLUNTEERS in partnership with Home Depot, OBX Builders Association, built ramps, repaired plumbing, exterior siding, windows, installed insulation, provided under-pending, re-built a child’s bedroom, moved furniture and moved and installed appliances performed yard work, cleanup and mowing. Currently the Home Rehab is coordinating the efforts of several of our Faith Organization youth groups to help with special projects in the future.

DISASTER RECOVERY VOLUNTEER Under the direction of the Dare County Emergency Management department the ICO volunteers partners with them as the community liaison in the event of a natural disaster.

THE ADMINISTRATIVE VOLUNTEER helps to acknowledge contributors by sending thank you notes and by entering data into the database and compiling information for grants and fund raising. General office skills are used to meet the demands and the mission of the ICO.

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER helps organize all the fundraisers throughout the year.